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We are creating a virtuous circle between the ingredients we use, how they are grown, how we formulate and how we package our products.

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Image credit: Coveteur

Designing out waste

In the UK, women throw away on average 5,846 beauty products that they never finish, at a cost of £180,000 over their lifetime*. The beauty industry fuels this and it's time for a makeover. We make to order, in limited batches to avoid waste. We advocate slow, mindful beauty and ageing well. We are challenging the concept of the 'shelfie' with multi-tasking products and simple rituals that deliver long-lasting benefits.

* Vaseline Research Study, UK, 2014

Reuse, refill, recycle

We love to give materials that would otherwise go to waste a new lease of life. From the organic grapeseed and cold-pressed raspberry seed oils in our Elemental Glow Face oil, to the coconut oil and bayberry wax in our candles, we use repurposed ingredients wherever possible.

Our pots are made with wood-chip reclaimed from industry processes. Our minimal packaging is reusable, refillable, recyclable or compostable and we don't use any outer cardboard packaging or plastic.

Image by Jan Canty

Regenerative by nature

As a regenerative skincare brand, we constantly learn from nature and look for ways to not only protect the natural environment, but to improve it.

That's why we are taking part in a regenerative farming project. One which, over the next few years, will begin to grow a number of our core ingredients.


We recently replaced our full-sized glass jars with compostable pots which, when returned, are properly processed and the resulting compost is used for soil restoration.

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