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Long lasting results

Natural beauty starts with strong, healthy and supported skin. We use carefully selected bioactive ingredients, such as extracts of microalgae and Arctic oats, that work with your skin to strengthen its natural ability to repair and regenerate. 

Our Approach: Welcome

Repurposing ingredients

Wherever possible, we work with ingredients that are by-products of other processes: reclaimed coffee grinds from specialist coffee shops, grapeseed oil upcycled from the wine industry, raspberry seed oil cold-pressed from seeds left over by the juicing industry. We also make our skincare by hand, to order, so nothing goes to waste.

Ground Coffee

Everything for a reason

Our approach to skincare is led by your skin's needs. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen because of its therapeutic benefit. We only use water if it actively works to make the formula more effective and we never use ingredients as fillers or purely for fragrance.

Rosemary Cosmetics
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