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The highs without the hangover

It pays to think about what you drink so you can make the most of the festive season

Christmas Drinks

I am the first to get carried away with all the indulgences at Christmas and as I get older, I really pay for it. This year I’m cutting right back. The idea of mindful drinking may sound like a buzzkill but in reality it can be the opposite. Imagine really savouring that one drink and waking up ready to embrace the day, or making the most of a social occasion and still being able to enjoy a good night's sleep. Alcohol can play havoc with your immune system, your sense of wellbeing and your skin. 


I’ve decided to enjoy a drink when it really adds to experience. Key moments for me are:

  • A glass of port while I’m wrapping presents

  • A glass of homemade Bucks Fizz with my Christmas breakfast

  • A glass of champagne with Christmas lunch


For the other occasions, I’m going to mix things up with some no-alcohol brands to help me share in the party spirit without the hangover. Highball Cocktails are top of my list this year. They recently won a Great Taste award for their vegan, no-alcohol cocktails with natural ingredients, handcrafted in small batches in Hampshire. 

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