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Gifts that keep on giving

Turn panic buying into purposeful presents and spread joy that lasts well beyond the unwrapping.

Christmas Gift

Earlier this year I learned about eudaimonic happiness. I was chatting to someone about why I love my electric car so much and they explained to me the difference between hedonic and eudaimonic happiness. Hedonic happiness (old me) is very much about pursuing pleasure and enjoyment. It provides an intense hit but is short-lived. Eudaimonic happiness (new me), by contrast, is achieved through experiences that offer meaning and purpose.


Christmas gifts are a prime example of this. Too often in the past, I've bought on impulse. I've gone shopping hoping that inspiration will strike only to buy something for someone that might give them a little thrill on Christmas morning but offers nothing they really value. This year, I'm making sure I don't buy a single thing for the sake of it, or in a fit of impulsive, misplaced excitement.

Giving the gift of shared experiences can be so much more meaningful than another ‘I hope they like it’ spontaneous purchase. How many of us remember much about what we’ve bought or been given over the years? The gifts that stand out are those that feel deeply personal. Top of my list of memorable moments is the year I found out that Santana was playing in London. They were my Dad’s favourite band. The tickets only cost £30 each but when I gave them to him on Christmas Day, it was only the third time I’d ever seen him shed a tear. Even better, I got to go along and share the gig with him.


Supporting sustainable and local brands is another great way to experience the joy of eudaimonic happiness. By making these choices, you are doing more than just spending money. You are playing your own small part in supporting our planet and the many small, independent businesses striving to do things better.


Look out for our upcoming Christmas gift guide for inspiration on what and where to buy.

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