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We are a circular brand

Our health and the health of our planet are intrinsically connected. We design eco-luxury skincare that actively supports both.


Our vision and mission

How will we do this?

A healthier future for people and planet

We believe in slow, mindful beauty and ageing well. We envisage a world where taking care of ourselves and one another is second nature. We are creating a capsule collection of naturally active skincare that regenerates skin health with little rituals that help to align body, mind and spirit.

Sustainably grown ingredients

We will pursue new ways to grow our own ingredients in the UK using regenerative methods 

We will source the highest quality ingredients from ethical, sustainable partners around the world

Minimalist skincare routines

We will design simple, multi-tasking products along with nourishing little rituals that inspire people to take better care of their skin 

Helping people to buy less and buy better

We are a circular economy brand on a mission to break the cycle of overconsumption and regenerate nature in the process. We are working tirelessly to create a positive relationship between the health of your skin and the health of our planet

Natural and effective formulations

We will carefully design formulations that use only what is needed to actively support, strengthen and regenerate the skin's natural health

Relentless quest for improvement

We will continually look for better ways to design out waste, keep ingredients and packaging in use for as long as possible and regenerate the natural environment

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